How do Slate Ikebana Vases work?

Slate Ikebana Vases are based on a Japanese style of Flower Arranging.  The use of the spikes (also known as "Kenzans", "Frogs") allows the stems of your flowers / greenery to be easily placed to create a stunning arrangement. The water reservoir is a shallow bowl under the slate which adds balance as well as sufficient water for your arrangement. (horizontal water reservoir).


In traditional vases (vertical water reservoir - with water that typically sits at least halfway up the stem) arrangements show rotting over tiime, due to this exposure to the water against so much of the stem.  The cup of water begins to smell, the stems get slimy etc...


In the Slate Ikebana Vases, we slow this deterioration of the stem by limiting the exposure to the water to simply the base (where it actually needs it). The greenery /flowers also benefit by being able to drink easily via the action of the spikes piercing and airating the stem. 


In many ways these vases provide a "less is more" approach. They especially have the ability to display even a single flower beautifully and effectively.   (see Gallery of single flower arrangement examples - coming soon).


It is also worth noting how easily our larger vases support a tall, stunning, feature arrangement with ease.  (see examples - coming soon)


Do Slate Ikebana Vases hold water?

Yes this product is designed to function fully as a vase, hold water and lengthen the life of your arrangement. 


The key is to simply keep the water topped up (at a minimum covering the bottem of the spikes) to allow the stems to drink. Depending on the number of stems you have placed in your arrangement, as well elements such as weather heat, will determine how often you need to top up the water in the vase.  Ideally you will check the water level every 2nd or 3rd day and top up if necessary. If you have created a full arrangement of many stems then check daily to ensure the longer enjoyment of your flowers.


The use of water in Slate Ikebana Vases is more about replenishing than it is about changing dirty, smelly water.  A much more plesant task.




The word "Ikebana" actually means "Flower kept alive".


Ikebana is a Japanese style of Flower Arranging. It has been around in Japan for centuries where it is a highly considered art form.  There are various styles of Ikebana and worth researching if you are interested as it is a facinating and wonderful approach to floral arranging.


Slate Ikebana Vases can be used without any training in the official Ikebana styles.  As seen in the "How To" videos (uploaded soon) anyone can use them and enjoy longer lasting flowers / greenery in their lives.


NB: Some links to more information about Ikebana will be added soon

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